" AAA "

*AAA.Original SWIFTLET SOUND !!! *


AAA.FF.1 G-3


AAA series


Agricultural location Bird house

Super External Sound External super sound is very efficient to bring in swiftlet . because the super sound have an surplusage to bring in swiftlet. with this super sound , many bird house had success in short time. Super Internal Sound Internal Super Sound is a important sound to stimulate swiftlet to stay/live in our bird house. The influence of the bird sound is so great. without a beautiful sound , swiftlet difficult to stay in bird house. So the Sound will become a role become futile , because external sound already bring in many birds but the internal sound has no function. you can watch this video the internal birdsound effect . The birds is making a nest.. one of bird house in Malaka ,that already succeed the crop. Forty day once harvest, about two kilograms

Agricultural location

Hotel Burung Walet

Malaka City.Wen Fa Jie.

The swiftlet which stay in one of hotels in Malaysia, Malaka ,in lobby room.This swiftlet naturally comes and already several years.

The swiftlets that lives in this house quiet pleasant although the light is bright

This is a part of lobby took position by bird in second corner.

Swiftlets bird grass

Agricultural location GOOD location

New Swiftlets House

Tight Competition

A Simple Model

Fix a swiftlet house failed

Earnings each month

Remember,the sound is very important. GOOD internal sound .

Equipment call bird,with two line,exterior and interior

Take a bird nest

My swiftlets House location in Medan

Cleaning Process Locations